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Concert Review: Andy Davis, Sons of Summer

September 25, 2011

This was the first concert that I’ve been to since I have been at Wheaton. It was a good deal different than the Texarkana concerts I’ve been too. For one, the music wasn’t jacked up by inexperienced sound men. Also there weren’t any hardcore kids in the audience.

The first group up was Sons of Summer, a folk group from Australia. The name is sort of confusing, as one of their singers is a woman. Their music is very bluegrass influenced and full of strong harmonies, almost like a musically integritous Lady Antebellum. They manage to be classic without sounding retro, building on tradition rather than trying to go back to a certain era. Their music would be perfect for listening to while driving on the open road. They also did an excellent version of “Where Have All The Flowers of Gone.”

After their excellent set, Andy Davis took the stage and started playing some of his funky tunes on the piano. His music is a jazzy pop, sort of like a piano-driven Jack Johnson. His faster songs were full of energy and enthusiasm, and he even burst into some impromptu snippets of Beyonce during one song.  After playing some of his full band songs, he played a few acoustic numbers with just his guitar, which were helped out by the sad lighting. He then brought the band back and played through more funkalicious songs, finally ending with a pianocentric version of “Get Back” by The Beatles. (Which is interesting because I was listening to Let It Be today. In a brief ADHD moment I will say that the version of “Get Back” on the #1 album is considerably better than the one on Let It Be.)

After the audience shouted for not one, but two more songs, Mr. Davis came onstage and played two acoustic numbers, one a sweet love song, and the other a darker, more intense acoustic song called “I Never See You.”

If either of these artists comes your way you should go and see them. Be sure to check out their music, too.


Currently Listening: Rubber Soul by the Beatles, which is currently competing with Sgt. Pepper’s for my personal favorite Beatles Album, and Let It Be, which is currently in the running for the worst Beatles album, though not for the reasons that most people give it that designation. Also, Greatest Hits by Creed, which I have been listening to almost constantly since I’ve been at college.

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