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Conceptions of The Trinity: A Personal Thought

November 9, 2011

Calvinists like me tend to play up God as a sovereign judge. There is nothing inherently wrong with this. Different Christian traditions have different emphases. However, I feel that in reacting against the worst of mainstream evangelicalism, the conception of God as a giant Precious Moments figure in the sky, Calvinists sometimes create a vision of God that is only darkness and judgement, “God The All-Terrible” and not “Jesus Loves Me.”

The solution as I see it is not to react back again and swing the pendulum back to a mushy, evangellyfish view of God. Rather, I think that the solution for Christians of all denominations is to not separate God’s attributes. We tend to look at God with one or two attributes in mind without thinking of the others and there implications. Yes, God is a judge. Yes, God is Love. He’s also a warrior, a healer, a prophet, priest and king, the creator and sustainer of the universe, the only infinite energy source, the Alpha and Omega, and a Jewish Carpenter. But we tend to only look at one aspect of God and ignore the others.

The thing that has most struck me lately is that God is our brother. I’ll say it again: God is our brother. Jesus is the Son of God. We are also sons (and daughters) of God, though we were created, not begotten. Jesus is completely God. Therefore God is our Brother. I think that we tend to separate the members of the Trinity in our minds: The Father is a stern, unknowable judge, Jesus is the approachable, long-haired surfer dude that we can relate to, and the Spirit is vague, more of an experience than an actual thing. In reality, YHWH our God is ONE! This means that the Father is the Son is the Spirit is the Father. The persons of the Godhead are distinct, but they are not separate. When God sits on the throne to judge mankind, it is Jesus Christ judging mankind. When you pray for Jesus to be with you, the Father is with you too. When the Spirit comes down upon mankind, the Father is there too.

There’s a T-Shirt/Bumper Sticker/Image that says “Jesus is my homeboy.” Some people might think that it is irreverent. I agree. I think it doesn’t go far enough. “Jesus is my homeboy” makes it sound like Jesus is a sort of buddy that you turn to occasionally when you need to talk about your issues. The reality is that Jesus shouldn’t be your “homeboy”; he should be your closest friend. And if he is your closest friend, that means that your closest friend is the King of the Universe. This means that not only is God infinite, omniscient, and omnipotent, but he is on your side. Think about that.

This week I have been imbibing the poetry of A.E. Houseman and the music of Radiohead from their album Ok Computer, and Pink Floyd from their album Dark Side Of The Moon.

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  1. Toni permalink
    November 9, 2011 12:57 pm

    Very insightful, NIck. I often need that reminder. As human, I need that human element Jesus brings to the family. As eternal, I need that infinite quality of God to oversee my life. As a living soul, I need the Spirit to guide and control me. Sounds like your head (and heart) are in a good place right now.
    Aunt T

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