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Halloween–An obviously belated post

November 10, 2011

I cannot claim credit for the idea presented in this post. It comes from a post I read on Facebook. The post was from someone who was not a fan of Halloween, being much more of a Reformation Day guy. His point was that “Halloween Nazis” would get on to him for not celebrating Halloween, and he would come back and ask them what it was exactly he wanted them to celebrate. To put it simply, what’s the point.

I myself am somewhat a fan of Halloween. I don’t hold to the idea that Halloween is so filled with pagan and occult symbolism that we cannot enjoy it as Christians. It is materialism, not neopaganism, that is the dominant false religion in America today, which should give us more pause when we think about how we celebrate Christmas instead of how we celebrate Halloween. However, I see the Facebook poster’s point, which is that you shouldn’t celebrate something without a reason. If you are celebrating Reformation Day, that’s great. If you want to celebrate Halloween as All Hallows Eve, the lead-up to All Saints Day, that’s great too. And if you want to celebrate Halloween in the medieval Christian tradition, as a mockery of the Devil and his followers and a celebration of the triumph of Jesus Christ over the creeps and ghouls of the old world, the way I (ideally) celebrate it, then go for it. But don’t celebrate it for no reason, just to celebrate and buy candy. Celebration should always have a reason.

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