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Leithart on Light Hearts

May 28, 2013

“The Psalms are also a textbook of prayer, frequently employing language that is unnerving in its vehemence. Psalms indicate that an overwhelming desire for justice should animate our prayers, that we should express our disappointments with honesty, that prayer is not ‘quiet time’ but a time of wrestling and passion. Contemporary hymnology, by contrast, gives us words for a small segment of our experience, the happy, fluffy, light experiences of life. If we are trained in prayer by contemporary praise choruses, when we face the pains and tests of life, we will lack the vocabulary to name them.” (Against Christianity, p.67)

Current Listenings: The Ill-Tempered Klavier by Ben Shive, The Cymbal Crashing Clouds by Ben Shive, Dig My Mood by Nick Lowe

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